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A self taught artist playing with colour.

Painting places and people is my way of capturing
special moments in my life.…

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I have lived in Oxford for forty years and I love the diversity that the city holds. Bustling with tourists, students and with a hugely diverse local population, we have it all. The history, the brains, The boat race, the Cowley road carnival and it’s a lot safer than Morse and Lewis would have you think!

As the Thames winds it’s way through the back of Oxford, it is called the Isis, I’m lucky enough to own a little boat called ‘The Blue Pig’. Many of my paintings are views taken from the centre of the river, where, surrounded by nature I get endless inspiration.

My feet have always been itchy and I have travelled extensively in Europe, where the impressionists, particularly Van Gogh inspired me to paint ‘the everyday’.
The vast continent of Australia opened the door to aboriginal art, I loved the dots and the symbolism and now I use it all the time in my work.

It was however, the liquid turquoise of the Caribbean sea and the bold colourful simplicity of West Indian art that called to my soul and is my biggest joy to paint. It is somewhere I can take off my ‘rose coloured spectacles’ and the colours are just the same as I see them all the time.
I’m a self taught artist and I love to play with colour, I use mainly acrylic paints as I like their versatility and vibrancy but also enjoy pastels and charcoal. I paint mostly on stretched canvas but will happily paint your garden wall or your living room with a mural designed especially for you.

I hope you enjoy my work.

Modern Art Painter



Some of my favourite paintings

Stormy Afternoon

A stormy afternoon in Antigua

The Yellow House

The Yellow House, Antigua

Clifton Bridge

The beautiful red brick bridge at Clifton Hampden, Oxfordshire

Wittenham Clumps

Wittenham Clumps with the Blue Pig on the river Thames in Oxfordshire

Otmoor Sunset - Ali's Art Designs

Otmoor Sunset

The Caribbean

Barbados Turtles - Ali's Art Designs